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The iconic Popeye the Sailor Man cartoon is one of those cartoon show that brings back nostalgic memories from your childhood or teenage years. It brings you back to that period in time wherein your biggest problem was your math homework or if your crush noticed you that day. It also brings you back to these days where it is still safe to fo to the park down the block by yourself and the Internet was basically non-existent. Children, back then got down and dirty playing jump rope , jungle gym, soccer and Frisbee.

Gymnasia- Fitness Revolution is a venture of Prapti Health Solutions, a diversified business enterprise of the Prapti Group, one of leading construction and real estate companies in the city. Prapti Group works on the business philosophy of adding value to the life of its customers. While its real estate projects enhance their standard of living, Gymnasia aims to enrich their lives further through health and fitness.


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Eat Well Move Daily Hydrate Often
Love Yourself Repeat for Life


• To revolutionize the concept of fitness and break the barriers towards it
• To encourage more and more people towards fitness and weave it as an integral part of lifestyle
• To be known for excellence in training and services

• To offer best of guidance and training through state-of-the-art facilities and certified trainers
• To incorporate fun with fitness through specialized programs and services

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